5 Street Foods in Indonesia that You Must Try!

Are you planning to explore Indonesia? Or are you guys in Indonesia right now and you just chilling in your hotel room and think about food? Yes, both of you are welcomed in this page. Indonesia is a quiet unique country that offer us many kinds of food.

Fried Rice

This kind of food is being famous and almost every country has a restaurant which can serve you this dish. However, it is not same as in Indonesia. Fried rice (Indonesia people say “nasi goreng”) in Indonesia has a different taste. As you go out from your hotel or motel, you can easily find this food. The price is usually from low to average. It will not make you run out of your money.


Another street food that you need to try is gado-gado. It is perfect for vegetarians because it does not contain any meal or something else from the animal. Gado-gado is just a dish full of fresh vegetables, tofu, tempe, peanut sauce and sometimes an egg.

Kerak Telor

If you are in Jakarta or planning to go there, this street food is a must. If you dare to miss it, you will be suffering. Kidding! But, yea, kerak telor is the most popular street food in Jakarta. The way the cooker cooks this food is unique, maybe you can film it for your Instagram story.

Telor in English is egg. So, this food is dominated by egg. Simply the seller will ask you whether you want the chicken egg or the duck egg. What is the difference? The taste of course. The taste will be different depends on the egg you choose. Interesting, right?


Satai or sate is just a masterpiece of Indonesian street food. Almost everyone from other countries know about this food. Satay can be made from chicken meat, goat meat or cow meat. You can find satay in almost every street food area in all around Indonesia. So, it does not matter if you are not in Jakarta or other big country, you can still experience the taste.


If it sounds weird, perhaps you know dim sum. It is just like that. This food can be very cheap, but it can make your stomach full. Everything in this dish is steamed such as potato, cabbage, egg, etc. There is a bit similarity with the gado-gado because it also needs the peanut sauce to serve.

Nasi Uduk

The last but do not skip. Nasi uduk is another great street food in Indonesia. Usually, people consume it as a breakfast. What a breakfast, I know that. That is just a habit of Indonesian. They eat rice more than anyone else.

Rice is cooked in different way. I couldn’t tell you more, you have to try it yourself one day. It combined by a piece of chicken, tofu, tempe and sambal.

That’s all. So, which one of the street foods that makes you curious? Is that the siomay? Or the nasi goreng? Or just the others food? Tell me in comment section. Thank you!

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