Top 5 Tips for Muslim Travelers! Don’t Miss It!

Traveling is an interesting thing to do. No matter where you live or what your religion is, traveling must be something that everyone can do. Therefore, there was a little difference if you are muslim. It was hard to find halal food or simply just a place to do the prayer.

But now, almost every country in this world realizes that they need to support what the muslim travelers need during their vacation. However, you guys also need to prepare so that your vacation will not be a mess.

Make Sure You Have Muslim Mobile Apps

This is the time you can use technology for something good. If you are planning to go to some muslim country such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and else, the muslim mobile apps is not really necessary. However, if you are going to go to nonmuslim majority country, you really need this apps because you will not get the global reminder for the prayer time.

There are a lot of muslim mobile apps both for Android and for iOS, you can pick the best one and set the reminder when the prayer time comes. You can also install an apps that includes some kind of prayer. It will be so useful.

Make a Complete Itinerary

Itinerary is vital. You can just escape without any plan. You have to make a very complete itinerary including the vital ones such as list of halal restaurants, list of hotels that provide halal breakfast, where you can find the mosque, etc.

You can simply surf the internet to make that or you can also ask one of your friend or family that has been there before. If you do it well, you will not be suffering.

Check If the Flight Have Halal Meal

Get everything done with halal food in the country you headed is not enough. You also have to check if the flight provides halal meal for you to consume. This point is usually forgotten by many people. So, make sure that you are not one of them. If not so, you will be suffering especially when you got a far destination.

Better Not Travel in Ramadhan

Time is quite crucial. You can’t pick the month and date that easily especially when you are going to travel out of your country. When Ramadhan comes, you’d better cancel or postpone your vacation. You will be exhausted, and you can’t do the culinary vacation well.

If It is Possible, Don’t Do Solo Traveling

Muslim has a different way in dressing than everybody else, right? What if you go alone and you feel like you are so different than others? You will be a little ashamed and uncomfortable with it. It is better to have a partner to explore that country. This tip is so important for you who never done it before.

It is almost the end of the year where everybody seems like planning their trip. How about you? Ready to go to? Well-prepared is the key. So, don’t miss those 5 tips above!

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