The Hacks to Minimize Budget on Your Wedding

A proof of love is marriage. Do you agree with that statement? If you ask me, I will say yes. Marriage seems so beautiful and happy. It is all true but getting married in this day costs a lot of money.

We need to buy A, rent B, support C, and else. I think, everyone does the budgeting for their wedding party, but it can go wrong just like that. Everything is just more expensive than we plan. It is horrible. If you don’t want to experience that, try these hacks instead.

Use e-Invitation instead of Invitation Cards

We live in electronic era where nobody seems like paper anymore. People use e-book, e-money, and many more electronic stuffs. You can take it for granted. Instead of printing the invitation cards, you’d better crate an electronic wedding invitation.

There are several options. You can create a video invitation. It is compatible for any social media you have. You can create it by yourself or you can ask someone to do that.

You can also create a website invitation. It is so easy to make if you have a blog or a website (especially if you are a bloggers). But, if you are not, you can also ask someone to do that. A professional one. The price will so much cheaper than printing the invitation card.

There is the last option, you can just create a single page invitation in JPG or JPEG or PNG. You can use Canva to help you freely. There are a lot of wedding invitation templates you can use and change easily.

Rent Your Gown

This is tip for the bride. It is true that having a gown by a professional designer is a dream for every bride in this world. However, it is not a must. You will wear it once, though? I suggest you to rent it. The price to rent the gown is maybe equal 25% of the new gown. It will absolutely save your money, right?

Outdoor is Better

If you want to celebrate your wedding indoor in a hotel ballroom, it will cost a lot of money. Just change your mind. Hotel is not always the best place to hold a party. Outdoor is better and cheaper of course. You can get a natural lighting form the sun, the great and cozy atmosphere. That is perfect, isn’t it?

Let Your Families and Friends Help You

The last, you have to remember that you can’t do it alone. You need to accept if your family or some of your friends give their hands. Maybe some of them can cook one type of food for your wedding party or maybe they can make a simple cake for your wedding. That is all OK and so sweet.

That is all about the hacks you can do to minimize you budget on your wedding party. Wedding party is not about glamorous because you don’t need to be glamour to be together.

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