5 Healthy Tips for 60 Years Old Women

Nobody wants to live forever, but nobody wants to die young either. If you are a 60 years old woman, congratulation that you have a long life. However, you have so many health risks. You must know what to eat and what to do to keep you healthy.

The thing is, the healthy eating and habit are not totally same with the other women on the different age. Don’t decide it yourself, you’d better read this carefully.

Always Have Enough Sleep

When you are a teenager or when you are a university student, maybe burn the night oil is something usual and a must. It also does not make a big change on your health. However, it is the different story if you are staying late in your 60’s. Not having enough sleep will slow you down. It is so bad for your health.

Meet Doctor Regularly

Meeting doctor does not mean that you are sick. You just only need to check up your health. You can do that twice or third in a year or even more often it you’re not bothered. If you have a disease before, you can ask your doctor about what kind of exercise you need to do, about the prescription and else.

Weight Loss is Not A Priority, You are Not Teenager

If you are not obese, why do you want to lose your weight that bad? Cut the calories and try hard in weight loss is not always good for 60 years old woman. Someone says that weight is a bad way to measure health.

If you think that you are obese, meet your doctor first, ask him what to do. But if you are just a little fat and you are all healthy, don’t ever think to do the extra diet to lose weight just to have a nice body like young women.

Always Share and Do Find Your Regular Activity

Healthy is not always about the body but also the mental. Keeping your mental health is something matter. Wasting your time in front of television can create bad impact to your mental health. It is so much better to try to meet with colleagues and do a regular activity like going to the charity event and stuff. These things will keep your brain active.

Be Happy and Love Yourself

A person who is in the age of 60 may has been experienced so many things that could make her sad when she remembers that. That is something normal. That is life, isn’t it? But, in intention to keep healthy, you have to let go all the pain. You have to forgive yourself and try to love yourself. Be happy, smile and enjoy your time. It seems simple but not everyone can do that.

What about working in that age? Maybe one of you ask that. Well, it depends on the job you do, but I highly suggest that you need to be retired. Don’t work. It is time for you to enjoy life in fullness.

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