5 Things that Every Teacher Must Know

Being a teacher is not that easy. It is challenging. Only the brave ones can survive. However, most people think that being a teacher is so easy. We only need to read some pages of book today and deliver it in the next day. If you have the same thought, you need to read this comprehensively.

Teacher is Like a Doctor

Doctor seems like the best profession of all other professions. That is absolutely wrong. Teacher is a “doctor” also. The knowledge that the teacher delivers can be so vital for the students. It is same as the injection.

So, when a teacher delivers something for his student, at the same time, the doctor is injecting something to the patient body. Two things can happen whether the person will heal or die. Bad habit or something wrong that we teach to the students can be poison that can “kill” them. Do you get that? So, what I am going to say here is that the teachers have responsibility to their students as the doctors have responsibility to their patients. You see?

Teaching is Learning

Somebody says, it is quite boring to deliver the same thing every single year. We seem stuck and can’t be more knowledgeable. That is also wrong. When a teacher is teaching his students, he also learning at the same time.

The syllabus looks same but believe me, everything in this life is improving and keep changing as the technology does. So, every subject is being improved by the master. Except that, teacher is also learning about the skill in teaching.

Teaching is a Skill, Not Only Knowledge

Put this, there is a man who is brilliant. He seems know everything. Then, there is another man who does not as clever as the first man. When both of them comes into a class to teach, we can’t guarantee that the first man will be better in teaching.

Why? Because to be a good teacher, smart is not enough. There are a lot of smart people that don’t have an ability to deliver it to others (students). They don’t know the best way to deliver it, the good way in writing in the whiteboard, the best way in handling young problems, etc.

That is why a teacher must be someone who have a background study of educational program. Someone who trained enough and has a skill in teaching.

To be a Teacher Keeps You Young

Do you believe that everything that happens in our life is connected to our environment? For example, we will adopt several of old people habit if we always with them. Otherwise, we also will adopt several habits from young people if we gather with them every day.

Being a teacher will make you gather with the young people. They are happier than the others. So, it will make you happier too and happy will make you young.

To anyone who reads this, please appreciate your teachers. All of them. If you are a teacher and already reading this, you have to know that you are amazing!

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